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How To Use Richoco, Richeese MLBB Card Rewards: Scan QR Code

 To all Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) fans in the Philippines who are eager to get free diamonds and skins? The Ri-Defined a Legend from Richeese, Richoco, Richnuts, Pink Lava and Coco Lava is levelling up your MLBB experience with their new card heroes featuring Alice, Balmond, Saber, Alucard, Nana, and Miya. You can redeem a QR code when you purchase any of the mentioned product from Richeese Wafers Philippines and get free Mobile Legend diamonds and skins.

Richoco Richeese MLBB

Richoco, Richeese MLBB Rewards

Here's the steps to claim or redeem QR code rewards.

  1. To scan card, kindly go to
  2. Make an account.
  3. Click scan card.

Luck winners could win free diamonds and special skins. The more products you purchase, the higher your chances of getting rewards. 

Note: Due to overwhelming support of MLBB followers, there are some instances that you can experience technical glitches when accessing the webpage. This is available to all found specially marked packs of RICHEESE, RICHOCO, RICHNUTS, COCO LAVA, and PINK LAVA products.

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