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Converge ZTE F670L Default Admin Username And Password

 To manage your Converge FiberX ZTE F670L router/modem, you must input the default admin username and password. You should access the user interface or dashboard by entering the default gateway IP address, which is, to configure it according to your preferences. Full admin access provides you with more options and removes restrictions compared to the basic credentials.

CONVERGE ZTE F670L Admin Username Password

Converge ZTE / FiberX F670L Full Admin Access

Here's the full admin username and password to access to your Converge ZTE or FiberX F670L modem/router. Use credentials below to connect.

ZTE / FiberX F670L credentials

  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: Converge@zte123

Basic user credentials

  • Username: user
  • Password: user

How to Login Converge ZTE F670L Modem / Router

  1. Connect to you Converge FiberX WiFi network.
  2. Open your browser. (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. )
  3. In the URL address bar, input (default gateway) then hit enter.
  4. Enter the default username and admin password (Username: admin Password: Converge@zte123) or just copy and paste above credentials.
  5. Click login to access the web portal.

After successfully logging in, you will gain full access and control over your Converge Fiber router. To change your WiFi name, navigate to the Network and SSID settings, and then edit the WiFi name to your preference. Make sure to remember your WiFi password so that you can reconnect after making changes to your modem/router.

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