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ADO Piso Wifi Login: ADOPISOFT Admin Username and Password

 ADOPISOFT is one of the most used PISO WIFI vendo software in the Philippines along with LPB Piso WiFi. It is previously known as Ado Piso WiFi. It features timer, auto disconnect, and can handle up to 200 connected Wi-Fi users. You can also limit internet speed per user (good for capped connection), and your WiFi customers or users can pause or continue time. Furthermore, the timer is automatically paused when disconnected from Wi-Fi and can be continued at later time.

Adopisoft Username and Password

ADOPISOFT Admin Username and Password

Managing all the features of ADOPISOFT vendo machines you need admin or administrator access. You also need to go to default ADOPISOFT Piso Wifi login page or portal and input your username and password credentials.

ADOPISOFT Default Admin Login

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

To access your ADOPISOFT Piso Wifi Vendo admin.

  1. Connect to your ADOPISOFT Piso Wifi network or hotspot.
  2. Open any web browser on your device (e.g Google Chrome, Firefox, etc,)
  3. Go to the address bar and enter "" (wihout " qoutes).
  4. In the login page, enter the default username and password credentials (Username: admin Password: admin)
  5. Click the LOGIN to access the dashboard.

You can now manage you ADOPISOFT Piso Wi-Fi using its admin panel, adjust rates or set timers, generate vouchers, 

Once you have successfully logged in to your ADOPISOFT Piso Wifi admin panel, you will have the capability to configure your Piso Wifi, such as generating vouchers, adjusting Piso Wifi rates, and changing the admin password as needed.

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