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DITO SIM Card Registration - How to Register DITO SIM

 The approved Sim Card Registration Act requires the registration of new and existing DITO sim cards through the online network facility. The implementation starts December 27, 2022 until April 26, 2023. An additional 120 days might be added to the registration period if not all are able to register.

DITO SIM Card Online Registration

How to Register DITO SIM Card Online

All DITO SIM  subscribers whether prepaid or postpaid, businesses and corporate can register online as well as tourists and foreign nationals who are using the DITO Prepaid SIM card. For DITO postpaid users, they will be notified by Dito to submit some additional information.

You can register multiple SIM cards under one (1) name.

DITO SIM Registration

For New Dito Subscribers, they can register starting December 27, 2022 via the SIM registration link or SMS sent after SIM card insertion.

For existing subscribers, they can register via the DITO APP. Registration is free of charge.

Subscribers will be required to provide their personal information including Full Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Present/Official Address, Government-issued ID

For minors, the SIM card should be registered under the parent/legal guardian’s name along with, any government-issued ID of the parent or guardian, consent of minor’s parent or guardian to register the SIM card

Dito Registration for Businesses Requirements

FOR BUSINESSES, requirements are as follows:

  • SEC Certificate of Registration
  • Board Resolution designating the authorized representative or a Special Power of Attorney
  • Requirements on Dito Registration for Tourist/ Foreign Nationals
  • Passport
  • Proof of Address in the Philippines
  • Return ticket to own country showing date/time of departure from the Philippines

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