List of Philippines Mobile Number Prefixes 2024

If you keep on asking to your friends what networks is 0955,0956, 09XX and other mobile number prefix, here a complete guide that you can use to tell what network or SIM card they are using. This table list down the entire prefix available in Philippines from Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, Talk N Text (TNT), Sun Cellular, Cherry Prepaid, ABS CBN Mobile and other small network providers. Contents Globe Numbers Prefix Smart Numbers Prefix DITO Numbers Prefix Sun Cellular Numbers Prefix We all know that they offer promos like call, text and mobile data to their customers. The list below is very useful when it comes to calling and texting as not all telcos offer free interconnection call and text charges. To help you out of asking, “What network is 09XX? Globe or Smart? TM or TNT? Just take a look at the table below to solve your problem. Mobile Number Prefixes 2022 Prefix What Network 0813 Smart / Talk N Text / TNT 0817

0981 What Network Prefix? Is a Globe or Smart Philippines

What network is 0981 mobile number? Is it Globe or Smart Communications?

Did someone call you using this number? You want to make sure what network the mobile number starting with 0981? After checking what network it is, you can now add it to your phone book or contacts and label it with what network where it belongs. When adding it to your contacts, a quick tip is to add a network prefix before the name of the person e.g. "Smart New Number".

0981 Globe or Smart

0981 What Network

The 0981 or +63981 is a prefix number used by TNT or Smart Communications network SIM card users in the Philippines.

Before you start texting or calling on this number make sure you have an extra load or registered to an unli call and text promo that includes Smart?TNT network calls/texts package. To call using this number within the Philippines, you can directly dial it on your phone.

How to Call 0981 mobile number?

If you’re calling within Philippines just dial the number starting with 0981 or +63981. Make sure you have enough load balance on your account to initiate a call or register to any Smart/TNT unlimited call promo offers.

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Standard call rates

  • ₱6.50 per minute calls to the same network
  • ₱7.50 per minute calls to other network

How to Register a Promo

TNT and Smart subscribers can register to a promo by using the Smart app or by dialing *123# USSD code menu.

If you're calling outside the country or abroad, use the dialing format +63 plus 10-digit mobile number excluding ‘0’.

When dialing this prefix, no prefix is needed if you're on an unlimited call promo. For text, you can simply save this number in your contact list and then browse it every time you send an SMS. When calling from abroad or you are living outside the Philippines, you can use the +63981xxxxxxx dialing format to reach the person you are trying to call.

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