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0956 What Network? Is Globe Telecom Mobile Number Prefix

Not sure about what network is the 0956? 
When your friend or someone call or text you using this mobile number prefix, it is necessary to know what network they are using to avoid extra telco service charge. Once you confirmed what network this mobile number is, you can now add it on your phone book or contacts and label it with the network where it belong. You need to manage your contacts and it is best to add the prefix before the name of the person e.g. "Globe/TM John".

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0956 What Network?

The 0956 is a prefix from Globe Telecom or Touch Mobile network in Philippines. If someone call or text you using this number, make sure you have enough load balance or you are registered to unli texts and call promo that includes Globe/TM networks.

How to call a Globe mobile number:
0956 network prefix

If you’re calling within Philippines just dial the 11 digit number starting with 0956. Make sure you have enough load balance on your account to initiate a call or register to any Globe unlimited call promo offers. If you're calling outside the country or abroad, use the dialing format +63 plus 10-digit mobile number excluding ‘0’.
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  1. Why i cannot registered my number 0956 in any app??

    Like example i book through online and it shows invalid phone number.

  2. am using the globe landline, why i can not connect to 0956? busy ringtone all i can hear?


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